What is One Track Mind?

Most of the time, when you create a playlist of your favorite music, you want the songs to play one after another. There are some occasions, however, when you want to be able to just play a single track from that playlist. Maybe you're playing music for a ballet recital, a gym workout, or a play. If you want to have each track available at the touch of a finger, One Track Mind is the app you're looking for.

One Track Mind Features:

  • Play one track at a time from any playlist on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
  • Ability to continuously loop a single track or stop and advance to the next track
  • Available 5 or 10 second playback delay
  • Visual feedback of songs you've already played
  • Support for iOS 5-7 (v.1.1.1) and iOS 8+ (v.2.0)
  • Customizable sleep delay and color scheme

If you have any questions, comments, or bugs, feel free to email the developer.

Screen Shots: